Assembly Election Results 2017 – Saffron Holi. PM Narendra Modi Wave Lands BJP The Huge Uttar Pradesh Prize


Assembly Election Results 2017:Counting of vote for UP, Punjab, Manipur, Goa, Uttarakhand began at 8 am

NEW DELHI:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led the BJP to a massive victory in Uttar Pradesh, with the party now ahead in almost 300 of the state’s 403 seats. It needs 202 to form government. The BJP is also set to sweep neighbouring Uttarakhand. In Punjab, the Congress looks set to stage a comeback. Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is likely to be the day’s biggest loser. Votes are being counted for assembly elections in five states today.

  1. Three hours into counting, the BJP had raced ahead in 306 seats in UP, a whopping gain of 257 seats over its tally of 48 in the 2012 assembly election. The Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance was a poor second, leading in 72 seats, down 181. Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party was leading only in 18 seats.
  2. In Punjab, the Congress was leading in 69 seats, up 23 seats from 2012. Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP was ahead in 26 seats in its debut election, and the incumbent Akali Dal-BJP is last with 21 seats, down 47. A party needs 59 seats for a majority in the 117-member Punjab assembly.
  3. The BJP and the Congress are neck-and-neck in Goa, but at 11 am trends were available only for 23 of the state’s 40 seats.
  4. In the hill state of Uttarakhand, the BJP has established an unassailable lead, ahead in 54 of the state’s 70 sets. If trends sustain, the party will get an absolute majority in the state. The Congress is leading only in 11 seats.
  5. The ruling Congress is leading in Manipur with 19 seats. The BJP is in second place with 14 seats. Trends were available for only 39 of the state’s 60 seats yet.
  6. The mega UP election, held in seven rounds, is seen as a bellwether for the 2019 national election. PM Modi was the face of the BJP’s campaign for the most important election he has faced since he led his party to victory in the 2014 national election.
  7. An outright win in UP will be an endorsement of the PM’s stewardship of the economy after his high-risk decision last November to scrap 500 and 1,000 rupee notes worth 86 per cent of the cash in circulation, aimed at eliminating corruption and black money. It will also improve the BJP’s strength in the Rajya Sabha or upper house of parliament where the government is in a minority and has trouble pushing legislation.
  8. UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, seeking a second straight term for his Samajwadi Party, partnered with the Congress in a strategy that failed.
  9. The Congress has done disastrously in recent elections and another string of losses today will raise more questions on the leadership of the party’s vice president Rahul Gandhi. A win in Punjab will be the best news the Congress will have heard for months.
  10. Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP had debuted in two states this year – Punjab and Goa – hoping to replicate its success in the Delhi assembly elections two years ago. AAP has not opened its account in Goa yet and is currently last in Punjab.



5 things you will understand if your passion becomes your job

imagesIt is a usual Monday morning. The clock strikes seven. Your alarm clock acts like the hostel’s old matron who just cannot see you sleep peacefully. Like most of the working population, you want to strangle that tiny little thing to death. You wake up and stare at the wall. You contemplate if you really need the job. This is a common morning scenario when you do not like your job. But, what happens when you have a job that you are passionate about? Let us see:

1) You do not need the snooze button

Waking up early is a task. For young adults who love to party after work, it gets even harder. But if you have a job that you are passionate about, you happily turn into an early bird. You cannot wait to get started on the day. Just like schooldays, when you would not sleep the night before for fear of missing the picnic! When the alarm goes off, you get going.

2) Goodbye Monday morning blues

For people who are passionate about their work, the Monday morning blues is an alien concept. You long to get back to work on a Monday morning. You tend to be as excited to go to work as one would be while going on the last day of the week. That is the magic of embracing your passion.

3) Overtime? Bring it on!

You fail to understand why your friends whine about putting in extra hours at work. You are almost unaffected by the clock hands. You do not mind working over the weekends either. In fact, you can happily plan your weekend around your work.

4) You have a clear career goal

Building a career is never easy. Yet, there are people who do it, for money or for an intangible, better future. But you do not have to worry much. You know what you want to do in life; you have a clear goal. There is no two ways about it. You invest all your time and effort in achieving this goal.

5) Honing skills

If you are passionate about your job, you find all the ways possible to grow and become better. So, there’s a good chance you are constantly on the lookout for new skills and knowledge. No one has to tell you to take new courses or learn new concepts. You are quite self-motivated in this case.

You spend around nine hours at work every day. To be productive, it is important that you enjoy what you do in those hours. This becomes possible when your passion becomes your job.


10 Bollywood stars who committed fashion crimes

  • Sonam Kapoor


We don’t, even in the worst of our nightmares, envision Sonam to make a fashion blunder. But the fashionista, who is always a step ahead of every actress in the industry, did take a step or two in the wrong direction and picked this absurd of a dress for Stardust Awards 2015.

  • Vidya Balan


We have been a fan of Vidya Balan’s Rekha-esque looks, and we would rather her be in those heavy sarees for she hasn’t seen the best of time experimenting with fashion. But then again, only Vidya Balan can drape a Sabyasachi creation and end up looking like a perfect airhostess, employed at the Indian Airlines, because Kingfisher simply won’t allow a blouse that loose even on their passengers.

  • Ekta Kapoor


Now I am not the one that suffers from cleavage-o-phobia in the name of sanskar and sabyata and other heavy words from the Hindi dictionary. However, I am genuinely concerned about Ekta Kapoor’s bosom here, struggling for freedom as they appear tortured in that dress clearly a size too small for her bounty. I hope the queen of soap opera was able to inhale and exhale without much of a trouble in that specimen of dress.

  • Neha Dhupia


Emulating Hollywood’s best looks is a time tested strategy resorted to by most of the Bollywood actresses and it has paid off pretty well. That however doesn’t translate to one recreating any look from the far west. For example, here we have Neha Dhupia channeling her inner Rihanna in Filmfare Fashion Awards. Even the ‘Work’ singer wasn’t spared of some harsh criticism for this over-the-top tiered dress, not sure what miracle Neha Dhupia was expecting.

  • Kajol


All we are saying is, the next time Kajol chooses to go with another of her right-there-in-your-face looks, we would appreciate if she gets blinders for her audience. We aren’t really calling out the brightness of her outfit, but all these color thrown together – I mean come ‘on, even a rainbow would need therapy having witnessed this.

  • Rani Mukherjee


Maybe, just maybe, Rani mistook Karan Johar’s 40th birthday bash for a slumber party, or perhaps she was planning ahead in case she crashed after too much whiskey – for there is no other explanation of her rolling up in a fancy nighty to the venue.

  • Parineeti Chopra


But then we look at Parineeti from the same evening and wonder if the very theme of K.Jo’s 40th birthday bash was – Lets all Eff Fashion, and it was perfect for the Sudhh Desi Romance star to slip into some Suddh Desi Embarrassment.

  • Sonakshi Sinha


Another talented actress, with not much of a fashion foresightedness. But then, don’t these rich celebs appoint stylists to dress them up? By the looks of it, we can surmise, Sonakshi’s stylist hates her guts. I hope she got fired after dressing the actress up like a cheap award from a 3rd grade committee.

  • Mallika Sherawat


I find myself in short of words to report on this monstrosity, Mallika SherawatMallika Sherawat chose as an attire to a Hollywood Red Carpet event. She got lucky, she wasn’t book on account of being an alien and then dissected and experimented on.

  • Sonam Kapoor


The Khoobsurat actress makes a second appearance on our list wearing this, what we call, animal print over load. I don’t see this hideous dress as a breakthrough in fashion on planet earth anytime soon. Maybe some out of the world trend, we are yet to learnt of.

10 almond flour desserts that are healthy and delicious

10 Almond flour desserts that are healthy and delicious

Via (Yahoo)

Shveta Salve is killing it in a Bikini after losing her Post-Pregnancy Weight


Motherhood is a very beautiful phase of a woman’s life. It brings along smiles, warmth and immense joy with it. The little bundle of joy, which is a part of you, fills your life with happiness.


At the same time, your body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. You put on weight and your body grows in size. But, it depends on you about how well you accept those changes. Some women become panicky and sad about putting on so much weight, while some others welcome the changes whole-heartedly. Popular TV actress Shveta Salve is clearly in the latter category.


She not only welcomed the changes happily, but enjoyed her pregnancy to the fullest. The Left Right Left fame actress has always believed in breaking stereotypes, and that is what she did during her preggers phase. She was very confident about her body and kept posting numerous fun pictures on her Instagram profile throughout the 9 months of her pregnancy.


Shveta and her restaurateur husband, Harmeet Sethi, welcomed their baby girl Arya in August 2016. Since the arrival of the little one, the happy parents have flooded their Insta profiles with cutesy pictures of the baby. But along with snaps of the kiddo, Shveta’s profile is also filled with offbeat and pretty photos of herself. Shveta is one woman who has defined self-love amazingly.


So, the latest thing about the actress is that six months after the birth of Arya, Shveta has almost regained her pre-pregnancy weight back. And, she happily posted a bikini picture of herself and captioned it in a fun way.


The caption read:

“6 months after bumpy .. not bad I guess ?”

Not bad at all, Shveta! You look as gorgeous as ever.


Shveta has lost almost all her post-pregnancy weight with the help of yoga and regular exercise. The small and happy family is currently residing in Goa, and taking care of their restaurant. They are truly living a charmed life and we wish them loads of luck and happiness.


No Room For The ‘Intolerant Indian’, Says President Pranab Mukherjee


Advocating free thinking in university campuses, President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said students and faculties must engage in “reasoned discussion and debate rather than propagating a culture of unrest”. It was tragic, he said, to see students caught in the vortex of violence and disquiet.

His comments come in the backdrop of the ongoing tussle between Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-affiliate Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) and Left-backed All India Students’ Association (AISA) supporters in the Delhi University and a raging debate over free speech and nationalism following recent tweets of one of the varsity’s students Gurmehar Kaur.

“ Our premier institutions of higher education are the vehicles on which India has to propel itself into a knowledge society. These temples of learning must resound with creativity and free thinking,” the president said.

Need ‘Legitimate Criticism And Dissent’

Mukherjee cautioned against the exploitation of “fault lines” in the society, intolerance and attack on women.

He said there should be no room in the country for the “intolerant Indian” as India has been a bastion of free though, speech and expression since ancient times.

Pranab Mukherjee, President Freedom of speech and expression is one of the most important fundamental rights guaranteed by our Constitution. There must be space for legitimate criticism and dissent.


Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) activists during a protest against Delhi Police at Police headquarters in New Delhi on Wednesday. (Photographer: Subhav Shukla/PTI)

The views of Kaur, daughter of an army officer killed in action against militants, evoked sharp reaction from Union minister Kiren Rijiju who went on to ask, “who is polluting her mind”. Kaur was allegedly threatened with rape on her Facebook page and was mocked by sportspersons and celebrities who questioned her pacifist approach.

“Protection and safety of our women and children must be a nationwide priority. The acid test of any society is its attitude towards women and children. India should not fail this test,” he said.

In terse comments, Mukherjee said he does not consider a society or the State to be civilised if its citizens’ behaviour towards women is uncivilised.

“When we brutalise a woman, we wound the soul of our civilisation. Not only does our Constitution guarantee equal rights to women but our culture and tradition also celebrate the feminine as divine,” he said.


China to build first underwater platform in South China Sea


BEIJING: China will build its first long-term underwater observation platform in resource-rich South China Sea, where it has territorial disputes with many south-east Asian countries including Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

The platform aims to observe underwater conditions in real time.

“Construction work on the long-term observation platform covering key areas in the South China and East China seas will be done with the help of Shanghai’s Tongji University and the Institute of Acoustics,” Wang Pinxian, an academic at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) said.

Building the observation network showcases that China is actively joining in the international competition, Wang told scientific forum in Shanghai last Saturday, state-run Global Times reported.

Institute of Acoustics refused to reveal the exact location and further details of the researches on the platform due to its sensitive nature, it said.

China has maritime disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea.

It claims almost all the waters, which carry a third of the world’s maritime traffic and has huge amounts of oil and natural gas BSE -0.15 %.

The waters are also claimed by the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan. China also contests Japan’s hold over the islands in the East China Sea.

Quoting a report from ‘sciencenet’, Global Times report said the observation platform will probe the undersea physical, chemical, and geological dynamics, and will also be used for other purposes.

At an offshore drilling project led by Chinese scientists, 33 scientists from 13 countries including the US, France, Italy and Japan left Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong on February 7 for the South China Sea.

The scientists have completed the first drilling task of the expedition to the South China Sea.

The first hole, identified as U1499A, has reached 3,770 meters below sea level, for collection of sediment samples, state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

According to Sun Zhen of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, chief scientist of the research expedition team, a preliminary lithologic study was conducted on sediment believed to have been formed eight million years ago.

The study will contribute to understanding how marginal basins grow.

A total of 66 scientists from 13 countries will participate in the expeditions, as part of the International Ocean Discovery Programme.