Blue Valley North Town Premium Villas And Plots In 33 Acres Residential Township

Smart living: Introduced

North Town is living year exclusive solution, All which is easy on the pocket while not Compromising on quality of Any Kind. Promising private and personal spaces That Will accentuate luxurious living, we welcome you to a world of comfort and happiness. Did you North Town can experience the best of amenities and features in a local That Is quiet and serene, just the perfect start to a Whole New Life.

The Location: Opportune

What Can Be more exciting than living in the thick of things yet removed from it all? At North Town Will You get to experience the beauty of feeling secure in a gated community while HAVING access to all the finer things in life. Situated right near the International Airport, North Town is coming up in the newly emery hub of Bangalore. An oasis in the middle of the booming around That Will the bring-everything closer to home. Rest assured That Life Would never Be The Same again for you and your family.

Amenities & Facilities

Additional advantages: Delivered

North Town envisaged That You make the MOST out of life and for the Abebooks web Provide you with all the conveniences That Will Ensure smooth sailing as you coast through a fulsome life.


  • Club House
  • Swimming Pool
  • Well-Equipped Gym
  • Basketball Court
  • Table Tennis / Billiards
  • Reading Room
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Kids Gaming Zone
  • Large Landscaped Areas
  • Specifications:
  • All Round Compound Wall
  • Tar Road
  • Underground cabling
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Overhead Tank and Sumps
  • Tree Lined Avenues
  • Rain Water Harvesting

Resale market in Noida: Popular sectors picking up post slump

Residential resale property market in Noida is witnessing a boom as new buyers are entering the market and the existing buyers are selling to reinvest in areas like Yamuna Expressway. Experts highlight that Sectors such as 70, 71, 74, 78 and 79 have shown an upward trend in the resale market in the last six months. This is attributed to improved market sentiment, increased availability of options in the market, better connectivity and proposed metro line.

“In the phase when the project is close to offering possession, a decent number of investors are exiting the project and the inventory goes to the end user at that time. Many projects in Sectors 70, 71, 74 and 79 are witnessing resale as people want to book profits and exit to reinvest in developed areas of Noida,” says Aman Agarwal, Director of KV Developers.

In the initial phase, if both the consumer and investor ratio is well maintained, then the exit will happen easily. There is a positive sentiment in the resale market because of which resale values have increased in Sector 50 & Sector 51 also.

“In the next one year, we will be witnessing increased positive sentiment in both, fresh sale and resale market. The resale market will see the same price hike as the fresh sale market, with the lower range being around 10%,” adds Aman Agarwal.

Talking about buyers who are contributing to the sale segment in Sectors 70, 71, 74, 78 and 79, UC Pant, Legal Advisor, Pant Associates says, “low usable area is attributing to the sale.” Consumers want to exit from these sectors as the floor area ratio (FAR) provided is very less, however, the prices being offered are high. So, they are selling the projects they have invested in these sectors to purchase in the opposite side, Sector 50 & Sector 51 or Noida Expressway, where projects have slightly increased FAR.

70x sectors

A majority of the properties developed initially in Noida were owned with the purpose of investment and 70, 74, 78 and 79 sectors are some of them, says Vikas Gupta, Joint MD of Earth Infrastructures Ltd. The current slight movement is driven by the stagnation as well where investors are worried for their investment.

Gupta adds that the resale price increase varies on the basis of where the concerned property is located. “However, on an average we may expect 10-15 percent appreciation on reselling,” adds Gupta. Resale market in Noida is driven by the investors’ aspiration on their investments in the areas where reselling is taking place. Investments in these areas were done mostly for the returns and the current situation is just the next phase of the earlier happenings. It is also getting momentum due to stagnation in the Delhi – NCR property market.


Smart Housing For Technology Integrating Lifestyles

image001Engaged with climbing disposable salaries, the blossoming white collar class of the nation is driving the interest for enhanced work environments and homes that can give them chances to lead better lifestyles, while tending to their need for maintainability, productivity and purpose. On account of the developments in innovation and advancement, the realty sector is ready to distinguish and tap the business sector chances rising out of these requests to convey generous budgetary, natural and personal satisfaction profits to the natives of the nation.

With the developing interest for infrastructure and realty projects, it has become mandatory for them to convert their projects by adding separating functionalities to them. Smart housing technology is one such notion that has the possibility to enable developers to meet the financial and comfort sought by the buyers, while effecting a radical change in their living surroundings and lifestyle.
Smart housing technology coordinates building, security, and correspondences channels with an open Internet Protocol (IP) standard with the motivation behind improving a sagacious following framework to enhance the productivity of the building. By expediting multi-disciplinary cooperation around the frameworks for building administration and security and communication, the shrewd home innovation aides make wise building framework that can impact checked changes in lifestyle and wellbeing of its tenants.
Smart houses are provided with implanted apparatuses that can upgrade the practicality of accepted security and overseeing frameworks. By coordinating these tried and true mechanisms with a basic client interface, inhabitants can effortlessly get data about what is occurring inside the house or in its region from any remote area.
Additionally remote monitoring for upgrading the well-being characteristics of real estate, smart housing projects likewise offer the possibility to enhance building execution by definitely diminishing their greenhouse gas emissions and their soaring interest for energy.
Nowadays, buildings are the biggest users of energy and emitters of greenhouse gases comprehensively. Provision of smart housing technologies in structures allows engineers to incorporate energy administration frameworks in edifices for enhancing their execution. Such buildings are likewise provided with energy conservation and power management mechanisms that can help the part to productively address its long haul manageability challenges.
Further, by halfway observing the building offices, for example lifts and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) mechanisms, holders can effortlessly determine vigor utilization designs and proactively diminish the use of superfluous frameworks to decrease vigor costs and enhance the execution of the building.
Additionally, the energy management mechanisms could be screened by the building inhabitants to determine their vigor use. The simple overseeing of energy consumption allows inhabitants to keep a tab on their vigor use, and in this manner lower energy costs.

Earth Towne Readies It Sample Flat

The much awaited sample flat of First Lifestyle Leed Certified Green Homes in Greater Noida, Earth Towne, is ready for customer view. Launched in May 2010 by the fastest growing real estate company in India, Earth Infrastructure Ltd, Earth Towne is a mega green-building technology based residential project comprising of 1, 2, 3, 4 BHK lifestyle apartments that created a big splash in the country’s booming realty sector.

Designed by the renowned international architect, EiGEN “ the creators of Al Burj Tower, Dubai; Strawberry Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K.; and Heathrow Airport, U.K., to name a few “ Earth Towne is spread over an area of 19 acres of lush green landscapes and water bodies with dedicated club, sports, entertainment, recreational and kids’ zones. Based on the latest concept of ˜Greenology’, the project reflects those aspects of a building design that maximize harmony with nature by optimizing the use of resources, minimizing waste and creating positive spaces through innovative architecture and technology.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vikas Gupta, Joint Managing Director of Earth Infrastructures Ltd, said œIt’s hard to beat imagination and when you beat it you feel that heaven has fallen on your feet. Exactly the way we created Earth Towne which will become a symbol of lifestyle statement in near future.

The look and feel of this sample flat is exquisite and appealing. The flat is fully furnished with latest furniture, fixtures and furnishings. It seems no effort has been spared in outfitting the flat tastefully using modern best-in-class appliances and furnishings. From air-conditioners to toaster, towel racks to sofas, perhaps, every detail has been taken care of and every expectation met. The best thing about the flat, however, is the enhanced cross ventilation ensured due to its three-side-open feature, which also happen to be Earth Towne’s major USP.

Dry balconies and lily ponds; 70% wide open area with fountains, walkways with trellis and seating; central promenade and reflexology garden; gated community system and paver block roads; swimming pools and gazebo; eco friendly, vaastu friendly and earthquake resistance structure; jogging tracks surrounded by lush green trees and outdoor exercise station; and, enhanced cross ventilation to reduce the temperature and the use of air-conditioners are some of the main attractions of the ambitious Earth Towne project being developed by Earth Infrastructure Ltd. With close proximity to Noida, Sector 1, Noida Ext. (Greater Noida) is expected to witness a very high speed growth in near future. The main attribute of the location of Earth Towne is the way it will interlink with Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Delhi through different routes. Some major landmarks at Greater Noida that is sure to add-on to Earth Towne’s advantage are the proposed Taj Expressway and Night Safari and the already functioning Gautam Buddha University, International Car Race Circuit and Exposition Mart.

Recipient of the ˜Best Debutant Developer of the Year‘ in 2010 and the prestigious ˜Bharat Samman Award‘ in 2011, Earth Infrastructures Ltd has come up as a leading real estate developing organization in India and is known for its innovative approach to offer state-of-the-art green structures along with sustainable models. The company offers diversified product mix comprising of residential, commercial/IT parks, retails, hotels, farm houses and SEZs.

About Earth Infrastructures Limited

Earth Infra is an independent infrastructure provider with committed customer base. An Earth infrastructure is one of India’s most well capitalized real estate companies. Strong financial support and engineering expertise makes us a quality infrastructure provider with global presence. Earth infra is an India first Green Building Developer.

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I’m bouncing back, says fugitive

A year ago Mohammed Noorul Haq was the developer behind a dozen planned towers across some of Dubai’s biggest projects. Today, he has sought refuge in India after allegedly leaving a trail of bounced cheques totalling Dh18 million (US$4.9m), and faces jail if he ever returns. Mr Haq, 50, the chief executive of the Sanali Group, is just one of many developers who have left Dubai after pitching to investors with glossy magazine adverts and roadside billboards to buy luxury apartments in buildings that never made it out of the ground. Seven months after returning to India, he is still making bold promises of repaying the people who now hold his cheques.

“We tried to sell properties in Dubai and could not find any end users,” he said in a telephone interview from Hyderabad, where he now lives. “But we have around Dh4.5 billion of assets in India. I am closing a deal right now. Give me two weeks.” Like some other small developers in need of cash to fund their projects before the downturn, Mr Haq had convinced investors into buying properties by assuring them that he would buy them back at a later date at a higher price, guaranteeing the deals with post-dated cheques that have now bounced.

Property insiders call such deals “buybacks” – transactions that are seen only in rapidly rising markets fuelled by speculators. During the peak of the Dubai property market last year, investors bought and sold off-plan properties in rapid succession, in a practice that became known as flipping. Mr Haq is said to have promised buyers a return of up to 30 per cent on deposits they had paid on apartments located on Sheikh Zayed Road and in Maritime City, another development in Dubai.

When the market turned and prices started to fall, however, the scheme quickly unravelled and Mr Haq was arrested and taken into custody more than once before being released after agreeing to pay off the investors who had brought the complaints. He later left the country. The Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai warned investors in November to be cautious about entering into such buyback arrangements.

A Dubai police officer said: “Mr Noorul Haq is wanted in the UAE. There are 15 cases now against him for bounced cheques that amount to several million dirhams.” A police officer at the bounced cheques department said: “He was arrested in Bur Dubai for a short period in January. One case was filed at the Jebel Ali police station and 14 at Bur Dubai.” Unlike several other developers who became involved in buyback deals in the UAE, the Sanali Group had a record in property development in India, where the company has launched about 30 projects and completed about half of them, according to its website. But in Dubai the group has not built any of the 11 towers it launched.

Mr Haq left Dubai in February but insisted he was open to talk to his investors. “I did not run away but if I go to Dubai now and something happens to me, I can neither sell nor pay anything,” he said. “I am available to all my customers through video conferencing and I always pick up the phone.” The Sanali Group website describes the company as “a trailblazing construction company that is at the forefront of the infrastructure revolution”. The section on Dubai claims: “It is estimated that by 2009, based on current growth, your initial financial investment is expected to at least double.” It is unclear when the website was last updated.

Despite the claims on the Sanali Group website, Mr Haq acknowledges that some of his projects will be cancelled. But he hopes he can sell others. “I have invested around Dh200 million in Dubai. We have 11 projects” he said. “Four towers will be cancelled, including Sanali Hanover and our project on Palm [Jebel Ali]. We can sell plots of land. We have six towers in Dubailand for instance; we can consolidate them into three.”

But some investors remain sceptical that he will raise sufficient funds to repay them. A former sales agent with Sanali who did not want to be named said: “Noorul Haq is used to asking for another two-week deadline. He has been saying that to investors for six months.” The agent claims to have invested Dh800,000 in a Sanali buyback but does not hold a cheque. Hisham Ansari, another investor, recently travelled to Hyderabad to meet Mr Haq. “We have waited for almost two years and he has not started anything. All investors are joining hands now.”

Back in Hyderabad, Mr Haq still talks using the language of the property tycoon, frequently referring to large sums of money and forthcoming deals. While his promises may be questioned by many of his investors, he blames the downturn for what went wrong with his company. “I never thought that the market would go down,” Mr Haq said.