Relief India Trust NGO: Fighting Thalassemia through human touch

For three-year-old Sneha, life is a struggle in continuity. A patient of Thalassemia major, Sneha battles death every single day. Her parents, despite being advised to undergo medical tests to diagnose her condition when she was in her mother’s womb, chose to disregard this warning. Now, this unawareness and lack of understanding might cost them dear. Unfortunately, they lost their four-year-old son two years ago due to the same blood disorder.

According to medical experts, more than 10,000 children are born with Thalassemia every year in India due to the sheer lack of awareness among couples, consequently leading to more and more deaths. The disorder causes iron overload, bone deformities and also cardiovascular illness leading to death. If either parent is Thalassemic, then there is a 25 percent chance that their offspring will have the disorder as well.

According to a WHO report, more than 90 percent patients with Thalassemia in Western countries lead a long and normal life. However, half of such patients in India die before reaching adulthood. The reason is simple: lack of awareness and complete care.

Relief India Trust, an NGO with a body of charitable work over the past few years, is actively involved in the promotion of awareness of the disease and support to those who are underprivileged, therefore ill-equipped to bear the cost of medical treatment. Relief India Trust’s ongoing relationship and network with various leading hospitals in the country enables patients to get free or subsidised treatment. The NGO’s recommendation letter on behalf of the patient is taken into consideration by the hospital concerned and they offer all possible help towards the treatment.

RIT (Relief India Trust) conducts blood donation camps for Thalassemia patients and provides this blood to various hospitals for patients totally free of cost. Medicines and injections are provided to hospitals specifically for those Thalassemia patients who cannot afford the cost of the medicine. The organization, through various media portals, creates awareness of the disease, especially in rural areas and keeps them informed about the availability of free treatment, medical and family help at their centers.

Relief India Trust NGO also offers free consultations for patients who face extreme trauma and depression. The organisation’s main thrust revolves around human touch. Being sensitive, and not just providing medicines and treatment, is inherent to the NGO’s work ethics. The Government has, from time to time, lent its support to the organisation.

India urgently requires more public and private participation towards eradication of this malady. The number of NGOs presently involved in the project is far too low and unless there is increased contribution from all spectrums of society, the curse of Thalassemia will only thrive.

10 Reasons That You Should Appreciate India Rather Than Criticizing It All The Time

Utopia, the perfect community for humans to live in, a social construct which is so perfect that it is unable to even envisage, a world without crime, poverty and any thinkable social evil. Sounds too unreal? There is a reason why it is always going to be a hypothesis, because humans aren’t creatures of cosmos but chaos. Coming to India, a country of vast cultural difference and diversity, being a citizen of the country helps presumably gives us the right to defame and criticize it right? Or maybe, we aren’t even ready to consider the fact that we as citizens of the country make it a country and as each of the existing countries in the world we have our problems but that is not because we are Indians but because we are ‘humans’, I personally believe that any vice cannot be fenced to a region, so here are a few points that would actually make you appreciate the country that most of you “fucking hate”.

1. Arms laws here are stringent

Compared to the U.S. of A where any gun-toting child can walk into a school and can execute a massacre.


2. Internet policies are liberal

Consider yourself lucky if you’re being able to access websites like Google, Facebook, Youtube  and Twitter  here as China has a ban imposed on all of these websites you love so much.


3. You get a weekend here

Meanwhile in North Korea.


4. Freedom to practice your religion

Had you been in Saudi Arabia, you would have been penalized heavily for just carrying any religious paraphernalia not sanctioned by the Islamic law.


5. India has its own currency and it’s going strong

Ever heard about hyperinflation? Between 2003 and 2009 when hyperinflation struck the country of Zimbabwe the country’s currency rates fell so bad that they had to suspend it  resulting in a desperate situation for the country and widespread poverty and an 80% unemployment rate. Still think you’re the scum of the earth?


6. Our army is effing best in the world

It’s so true that I don’t even need a supporting statement to make it more convincing.


7. The economy of India is the 3rd largest in the world by PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) and 10th largest by nominal GDP

India has economic curve has grown exponentially since the 1970’s, comparing it to countries who won their independence hundreds of years earlier or are 1/16th the size seems a bit unfair.


8. We are racist but

Are we the only country in the world where racism is rampant? Not trying to endorse the statement but we are the 7th largest country in the world and doesn’t having a plethora of states, languages, religions and a culture so vast and diverse that it axiomatically makes us vulnerable to such atrocities but unity in diversity remember? We are all just people at the end of the day.


9. And many such others that would make us count our blessings and thank the almighty that we are Indians

The reason I decided to do this article was because I realized that I’m so caught up in discussing the problems we have that we aren’t doing anything about it, while  social platforms are rife with articles which criticized Indians for watching a certain genre of movies, would that mean that to be a better citizen of my country I need to watch movies and listen to music that is intellectually stimulating. Yes, every country has its own problems and everyone is trying to solve them but is such a pessimistic  and snooty take on our problems going to make things better, we can sit on the internet and argue about the validation and cogent justification of that argument or just do something about it.


10. Or we could just forget about it and assume that we could live without each of the aforementioned points.

How a Cap of Coke Brings You 3 Minute Happiness

Hello Happiness of Coca Cola has been the talk of the town recently. They featured a touching ad that showcased a short documentary about blue collared workers in United Arab Emirates. They are migrant workers who are said to earn $6 per day. They have to be separated from the comfort of their homes & family to venture greener pasture.

The concept of Hello Happiness of Coca Cola was to give little joy for the workers in UAE by connecting them to their families through a phone call. It cost them almost a dollar to make a phone call home, so communicating with their families is a rare chance.

Coca Cola with the help of Y&R Dubai created phone booths that are operated by using plastic caps of Coke bottles. Each cap is equivalent to 3 minute international call. The booths were placed in labor camps. Days after, men in coverall and hard hats were seen lining up patiently, wearing their excited faces. The smiles they had while talking on the phone only showed how these brave workers longed to be with their families.

Whatever motive Coca Cola has for bringing these ad, Hello Happiness telephone booths have somehow made a difference for our modern day heroes.