Microsoft Sparta web browser features leaked

NEW DELHI: Microsoft’s plan to replace its Internet Explorer browser was leaked late last month but there has been no word on it apart from a single blurry screenshot that does not reveal any features of the browser. Until now that is.

Images of the replacement for Internet Explorer, codenamed Spartan, have been leaked by technology website Neowin. The images show the new design language adopted by Microsoft as well as a few features of the upcoming browser.

The leaked images show the UI of Spartan, which shows the favicon, name of the website and a small ‘X’ to close the tab on top. The design of the tabs is characterized by sharp edges, a departure from the look of the tabs in the latest version of Internet Explorer.




(Image Courtesy:
The screenshots show that the browser will have a reading mode beside the bookmark button. This will strip all multimedia content like videos and images, leaving only the text; Apple’s Safari browser also has a similar feature.

Next to the Reading Mode button is a folder icon, a share button and an icon (marked by three dots) to enter the settings page.


(Image Courtesy:

Spartan is expected to be preloaded with Windows 10, along with a version of Cortana.


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