Nikon 3300 is a great entry-level camera at affordable price

nikon3300_505_041814060608The first thing that amazed me when I picked up the Nikon D3300, was how light it was. Weighing in at a mere 460 gms (with battery & CF card), this is also its lightest DSLR or Digital SLR camera ever. But don’t let the misnomer of being Nikon entry-level camera fool you. This baby is packed with features that are usually found on more expensive models.

It has a 24 MP sensor like its predecessor, but removes its low pass filter, resulting in sharper. crisper images. The new Expeed 4 processor lets users shoot 100 large-quality JPEGs continuously at a top speed of 5fps. It’s increased ISO lets them shoot almost in the dark without flash, albeit with some noise or grain in the picture.

I took the camera with me to try out in the zoo.

nikon350_041814060446The camera auto focuses extremely fast, and is also pretty good in tracking flying birds, the built in motor drive fast enough to capture the birds effortlessly soaring through the air.

Though do remember that the camera lacks a built-in AF motor, requiring AF-S lenses in order to be able to autofocus. All your older Nikon lenses do work, though you need to focus them manually.

The camera also moves equipped with an effect mode that allows in camera editing functions like panorama. Vivid, pop and toy camera, across both still and video resulting in some wacky special effects.

nikon32_041814060454The only negatives are the lack of an in built WiFi and more importantly for me, no in built motor in the camera, which means that only AFS lenses can autofocus.

I feel that the D3300 is a great entry level camera. I would definitely recommend buying it, especially for people who want to take good photos at an affordable price. So what are you waiting for? Buy it and start shooting…


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