India Inc is hiring again

2cabeaf0-c457-11e3-8ba6-e7fc5e9e33b6_10-Job_TSIndia Inc is hiring again. Which means that if you are educated and jobless, your good times start now.

The spurt in hiring, suggests the latest RecruiteX survey, is sparked by the April-May general elections, with the expectation that the next government will stabilize the economy and spark growth.

The survey says the Project/Infrastructure sector, with a 12 percent rise in demand, is the top employment generator. The Railway/Metro segment, where technical expertise in design and execution is highly valued, is growing exponentially as is Petrochemicals, which recorded a 9 percent increase in job creation. Other areas where job opportunities are expected to spike, as per the survey:

• IT/Telecom sector by 6 percent
• Healthcare/Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical by 5 percent
• Manufacturing and Engineering by 5 percent
• Construction/Cement/Metal/Steel/Iron industry by 9 percent

In all above sectors, the greatest demand will be for trained engineers – a job profile that is expected to grow by 12 percent.

Work Experience is Key

Educational qualifications aside, a high premium attaches to prior work experience. RecruiteX data shows that in March 2014, demand for professionals with over 20 years of experience increased by more than 30 percent. Those with 10-20 years and over 20 years of experience together accounted for 65 percent of the total demand. Demand for candidates with 5-10 years experience spiked 2 percent, while demand for candidates with 2-5 years of experience stayed stable, with no spike.

Opportunities for candidates with less than two years experience however dropped 6 percent month on month.

AP tops in opportunity

Hyderabad, with a 30 per cent job rise in March 2014, emerged as the city with the greatest opportunities followed by Chennai with a 20 percent spike. Delhi/NCR (6 percent) and Pune (3 percent) also witnessed strong growth.

Among the states, Andhra Pradesh (excluding Hyderabad) tops with 20 percent increase in demand for talent.

While these trends are true for now, it is likely that the outcome of the elections and the contours of the next government will have an even greater impact on employment trends in the near future.


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