This silent love story has the happiest ever ending

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air. With heart-shaped goodies, chocolates, roses, love and romance everywhere, it’s that week of the year when it’s ok to be sappy. Just in time to celebrate love and melt our mushy hearts comes Sundeep Kishan’s ‘A Silent Melody’ – a short film written and directed by Prasanth Varma. Kishan’s video is going viral online and has over 395,500 views on YouTube.

This ten minute long love story of a hearing and speech impaired girl gives new meaning to the phrase – love has no language. All seems to be going perfectly well for this young school teacher and the boy-next-door who converse across balconies with the help of placards each morning – till he finds out she can’t speak or hear. But don’t worry, there’s a happy ending. Just when it looks like she’s had her heart broken, her would-be suitor restores our faith in human nature, and hers.

Watch (with a box of tissues handy):


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