Woman reunites with family after 25 yrs

LUCKNOW: SEPARATED from family in childhood and reunited years later – this was one of the recurring themes in the Bollywood potboilers of the Seventies.

But on Monday, an Uttar Pradesh village was witness to a dramatic and emotional reunion that was straight out of a Bollywood film script.

Taken for dead by her family, a five- yearold girl in the Kauli village of Jaunpur district was sunk in a river 25 years ago.

As luck would have it, little Indu was very much alive and was adopted by a kindhearted childless couple.

After all these years, fate intervened again and on Monday, Indu, now a 30- year- old mother of five, was reunited with her parents.

Indu was declared dead by doctors after a snakebite at the village primary health centre in July 1988.

As per Hindu rites, her father Jaiprakash immersed her body in Sai river. But flowing with the currents, the girl reached the other bank, where two men from the village Unchnikalan saw her. They took her to their village where she recovered without any treatment.

Later, a farmer from village Inariya, Gowardhan Gautam, and his wife Ramavati, who had no child even 10 years after marriage, adopted her. They named her Pushpa and brought her up as their own daughter.

She was married off to Dilip Gautam, an agriculturist from village Sehmalpur, eight years ago and has three sons and two daughters.

It was purely by chance that she got to meet her real family again.

” A few days ago, I was at the house of a relative where Pushpa’s biological father was also present. He told us the story of his daughter Indu,” said her adoptive father Gowardhan.

” It rang a bell and I told Jaiprakash about how I had found Pushpa. He became restless and went to see her.

He immediately recognised her from a cut mark on her forehead since childhood,” he added.

Indu, too, is elated to meet her parents. ” I don’t remember anything about my village or my parents except a pumping set, which is still there in front of the house. But I am happy to have found them. Now I have two set of parents,” she said.

Indu’s biological mother Sursatti Devi said it was nothing less than a miracle that she had got her daughter back.

” We all are very happy. Gowardhan and his wife are also happy about it. Now she will be the daughter of two families. We will call her Indu and they will address her as Pushpa,” Sursatti said.


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