Apple On Plans To Drop Intel

The future of world’s largest processor maker, Intel is again in trouble. Recent reports about Apple trying to drop the California chip giant in favor of its native chips will prove fatal to the company, which is already hurt with a stagnating market for computers and the failure to gain market in mobile platforms.

According to the report from Bloomberg, Apple engineers are exploring different ways to replace the Intel chips in its PCs with the home grown chip technology that is currently used in its successful devices like iPhone and iPad. Intel’s chips have been powering Apple’s Macs since 2005, while the mobile devices are powered by Apple’s own chips.  And now the engineers at the company are confident enough to say that the chips for tablets and Smartphones will soon be powerful enough to run its desktops and laptops.

As tablets and Smartphones cannibalize the worldwide PC sales, an inevitable future is “more similar platforms and devices irrespective of mobile, tablet or PC,” which will justify Apple’s move. However, the company is unlikely to switch in the next few years, said the report. But, a move by Apple may lead others to follow suit.
“Apple is a trendsetter, and once they make their own chip many others may pursue a similar path,” said Sergis Mushell, an analyst at Gartner Inc to Bloomberg. “If mobility is more important than functionality, then we will have a completely different environment than we are dealing with today.”


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