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Massive Earthquake in Nepal, Severe Tremors Felt Across North India

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A massive earthquake about 7.4 magnitude rocked the Himalayan state of Nepal with severe tremors felt all across North India. The epicentre of the quake is around 80 kms north-west of Kathmandu.

Nepal’s Information and Broadcasting Minister Minendra Rijal told NDTV that the earthquake lasted 10 to 15 minutes.

Immediate reports are not available about the casualties. Unconfirmed reports say that scores of buildings have been damaged.

The earthquake has triggered severe tremors across north India with panic-stricken people coming out of their buildings.

Source: Newindianexpress

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11 Before-And-After VFX Shots From Bollywood That Will Have You In Splits

Visual effects play a significant role in film-making. Often times, the locations you see in the movies are actually green background scenes. Here’s a sneak-peek at what happens ‘parde ke piche’!

1. Chennai Express


2. Once Upon A Time In Mumbai


3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag


4. Ready


5. Ra.One


6. Special Chabbis


7. Cocktail


8. Chandni Chowk


9. Oh My God!


10. Madras Cafe


11. Samrat & Co


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“Yes I work – I’m a full time mom!”

“Yes I work – I’m a full time mom!”

There was laughter in the room and everyone thought I was funny. But I missed the humour in what I had just said, I was dead serious.


Someone asked me in a crowded party… “So, do you work?”

Without batting an eyelid I said, “Yes,as a matter of fact I do…I am a full time mom!”.

There was laughter in the room and everyone thought I was funny. But I missed the humour in what I had just said, I was dead serious. Obviously, I joined the others and laughed and noticed my husband was unsure if he should smile and face my wrath back home or just sit there with a straight face while the others thought I’d said something funny.
That night, while the kids were trying to sleep and I was sitting next to them (part of our daily ritual) for an hour in the dark room, I thought about what I had said…it was meant to be a strong statement…at least I meant it to be. What was it that triggered all the nervous giggles from the other ladies aka ‘working moms’ and I was even more curious to find out why the men thought I was being funny?

Well it was time to find out…I used this more often and it was always the same reaction from my peers. The only ones who looked impressed were the moms who were now grandmoms but still playing mom to their grandkids…wow, these women are true achievers…raising your own kids is hard enough while you are young and strong…imagine raising them all over again when your bones are creaking and you had assumed you were free of all responsibilities.

What I do is not something that has never been done before. But in today’s world it might be unique. I have to admit, it’s not like I gave up a great career to be with my kids.

Maybe if I had a high-flying career l too would rather be out there in the real world than in this little world created by my kids and me….maybe. But I know one thing for sure; I would never assume that all women who were home raising kids are doing it because they aren’t smart enough or because they have no choice. Of course they have a choice, life gives us plenty of choices but if we decide to hold on to something and not make that choice it’s because of faith in what we do and maybe simply because we are good at what we do.

Yes, I’ve been jealous, watching other women making a mark for themselves, being recognized, being independent and more than anything else knowing they are important. It’s hard to not be envious; it’s even harder to admit it. But every time any such thought crosses my mind, I try to picture myself doing what they do and I realize, I would never be happy. For me my happiness lies elsewhere, knowing that I’m always around for my boys, knowing that I give my family all my time, not because they want me to but only because I want to! I’m at my best here…this is what I love and this is what makes me happy.

I am incapable of outsourcing my kids to nannies and daycare. I can’t be working deadlines knowing my baby is sick at home and needs me more than he needs medication. I can’t miss his smile when he comes home with an A in his math test. I can’t accept that he has been well fed and is taking his nap without missing mommy.

It’s hard for me to do those things that working moms do….they have learned to let-go and are doing their best  to keep their own identity and to be good moms. Me, I have let go of my identity….my struggle is different….I am a full time mom!! While I sometimes envy, sometimes condemn and at other times wonder how these moms do it…. I wish folks out there would also envy or wonder how I do it!

One smart-ass ‘working mom’ said….”I can’t be a full time mom watching tv all day”! Well, guess what I can’t pretend to be a working mom pretending to be at work all the time but taking convenient coffee breaks, hanging out with friends, doing office lunches, going on so-called official tours in which the official bit lasts for a couple of hours and you have the rest of the 6 hours to entertain yourself.’

In reality, I do not get to watch TV…the only TV I watch is animation! I do not get coffee breaks….when I sit to drink my coffee, is when I have to go clean poop or even worse make a tower out of building blocks…big deal, I let my coffee turn into cold coffee! My only adult conversations are with my mom and with the hubby if he isn’t tired after ‘working’ all day!

But then we all have our roles to play and this is mine…I am a full time mom and yes I ‘work’…work very hard. I might not be raking in the moolah, or getting pats on my back for all that I do but then I know what I do is not something everybody can do even though everybody thinks it’s simple.

Maybe, my kids might not turn out as well as the kids with moms who go to work but at least I know I tried and I did what made me and my family happy. I know that’s exactly what others are in pursuit off too…their happiness and I respect that. All I ask for is the same respect, respect me for doing what makes me happy, respect me for doing wonderful things with my kids which goes unnoticed to the outside world, respect me for not trying to find my identity in the outside world but for finding it within the four walls of my home. Respect me for letting my family know they are my priority.

I am blessed to have witnessed every first movement, smile and actions of my children….I haven’t had to hear it on the phone….those moments are mine to treasure. Sure most people get the re-runs when they get back home, but nothing beats the live version…the first!

So next time be kind to me, try and respect me and do not giggle when I tell you … “I work – I’m a full time mom!”

This post was submitted by Sharanya Govind.

Source: Yahoo

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126th anniversary of the public opening of the Eiffel Tower: 6 things you didn’t know about the iconic structure

The enormous metallic structure is now a globally recognised, iconic piece of architecture.

The enormous metallic structure is now a globally recognised, iconic piece of architecture.

Some 126 years ago, the Eiffel Tower opened its doors to the public for the first time.

The enormous metallic structure is now a globally recognised, iconic piece of architecture.

To mark the unveiling of the Tower which has become a symbol of love and Parisian elegance, Google is featuring a Doodle by illustrator Floriane Marchix on its homepage today.

In honour of the Eiffel Tower, here are six things you didn’t know about it.

It’s named after its engineer

Opened by French premier Pierre Tirard on 31 March 1889, the Eiffel Tower is named after civil engineer Gustave Eiffel. The feat of turning architect Stephen Sauvestre’s vision into reality earned Eiffel the nickname “the magician of iron”.

It’s almost as tall as the Shard, which is the tallest building in the EU

The Eiffel Tower stands at 300m (984ft) high (324m if you include its antennae), while the Shard is 306m tall (1,004ft) in its entirety.


It doesn’t like the cold

When it gets cold, the Tower shrinks by about six inches.

It was the tallest man-made structure in the world for 41 years

The Chrysler Building in New York claimed its place in 1930. But it continued to be the tallest structure in France until the military transmitter in the town of Saissac was erected in 1973.

It is the most visited ticketed monument in the world

As many as 7 million people visit the Eiffel Tower a year, and almost 250 million people have visited the tower since it opened.

It was built to celebrate revolution

The Eiffel Tower may be a symbol of romance, but it was built as the main exhibit at the 1889 Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair), which was held to mark the centennial of the French Revolution in 1789.

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The best foods to eat before and after workouts to make it all worth it

Mitalee Doshi, Founder of Oomph Nutrition tells us what to eat before and after workouts.


The best foods to eat before and after workouts to make it all worth it

Achieving optimal results by a workout depends on certain aspects – the most important of them is one’s diet. What you eat before (and if needed, during) your workout is crucial for fuelling the workout itself and is responsible for muscle building. What you eat after your workout ensures that your body has all of the supplies it needs in order to recover, adapt and improve. The fluids and food you have before/during/after workout go a long way towards making sure that your exercise has the best impact on your health. Mitalee Doshi, Founder of Oomph Nutrition tells us what to eat before and after workouts.

Pre-workout nutrition

One should never hit the gym on an empty stomach. Your pre workout meal is the meal that plays the largest role in supplying your body with everything it will need to ensure optimal performance during your workout.

Carbohydrates are essential for slow and steady energy release throughout the workout. It tops up your fuel levels and boosts your brain power and concentration for the session. Protein is required to build and maintain muscles and for healthy blood cells as they deliver nutrients and oxygen to working muscles. So make sure your meal has these foods. You can also go for lauki juice instead of protein shake post workout.

Sources of carbohydrates

Foods rich in complex carbohydrates, such as wholegrain pasta, roti, oats, fruits, vegetables and bread are the best sources of energy that can help you start your workout well, and keep at it without experiencing dizziness. They slowly release glucose in the bloodstream. These 5 carbs can actually help you lose weight.

Sources of proteins

Make sure you buy good quality protein which digests slowly, releasing amino acids (building blocks) into the bloodstream. Good sources are paneer, eggs, chicken, fish, casein supplement. You may also want to know if whey protein has any dangerous side effects.

Meals before a workout can be oats / muesli and milk or egg omelets with bread or paneer bhurji with roti or grilled chicken sandwich. Meal before cardio can be a fruit and milk or fruit and nuts.

Timing of the meal

It should be about 45 minutes prior to exercise. This allows body enough time to digest and begin nutrient absorption. The individual should not feel heavy or nauseous while under the pressure of workout. Cardiovascular training should be performed at a gap of 2- 2 ½ hours after the last meal.

Post workout nutrition

Gaining strength and muscle doesn’t occur while you workout but after, during the recovery stage. That is why post workout nutrition holds great importance. After your workout, you must try to eat a ‘recovery meal’ within one hour if possible. Your muscles are weaker after the training session because they have been torn down and have been damaged by an intense workout, so this meal is all about refuelling what you’ve lost and providing the raw materials needed for healing.

During the workout, the body has endured drop in blood glucose levels due to rapid use of glucose to fuel the workout, muscle breakdown due to overload and free radical attack due to high energy use and increase in stress levels. The sooner you start refueling your body, the better off you’ll be. Research shows that your body’s ability to refill muscle stores is higher within one hour after your workout. So make sure you eat the following.


Instant energy is required to replenish diminished glucose stores. Glucose needs to be immediately supplied for instant absorption into the bloodstream. Alternatively, bananas or fruit juice can also be consumed. It should be taken immediately after the workout.

It is essential to supply all amino acids in ample quantity for muscle repair. It should be of high quality and which quickly releases amino acids into the bloodstream. Good sources are whey or eggs. They should be consumed 10- 20 minutes after glucose. Consuming high-quality protein after exercise gives your muscles the fuel needed for both repair and for boosting growth. Here is a vegetarian diet plan for bodybuilders.


To fight free radicals, reduce muscle breakdown and to protect body tissues, antioxidants are required like vitamin A, C, E, zinc, selenium. The requirement for the antioxidants post workout is not met through food sources alone and thus it is essential to take supplements along with glucose.

Post cardio meal

The ideal post-workout meal consists of a blend of carbohydrates and protein. It can be 45 minutes after cardiovascular training. You can eat poha/ upma and curd or cereal and milk or a chicken sandwich.


It’s important to drink fluids before, during and after your workout as it is great for rehydrating the cells. Without sufficient water during exercise, your body temperature can be extremely high, so it is very important to stay hydrated to cool your body down.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends to follow these guidelines:

  • Drink roughly 2 to 3 cups (0.5 to 0.7l) of water two to three hours prior to your workout.
  • Drink about 1/2 to 1 cup (0.12 to 0.23l) of water every 15 to 20 minutes during your workout. You may need more depending on your size and if the weather is warmer.
  • Drink roughly 2 to 3 cups (0.5 to 0.7l) of water after your workout for every pound (0.5 kg) of weight you lose during the workout.
  • Water is generally the best way to replace lost fluids. But if you’re exercising for more than 60 minutes, use a sports drink. Sports drinks provide not only fluid, but carbohydrate and sodium.

They can also help in maintaining your body’s electrolyte balance and give you a bit more energy.

Source: Yahoo.

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Supreme Court strikes down Section 66A of IT Act which allowed arrests for objectionable content online

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday declared Section 66A of Information Technology Act as unconstitutional and struck it down.

This section had been widely misused by police in various states to arrest innocent persons for posing their comments on social network sites on social events and political leaders.

The court said such a law hit at the root of liberty and freedom of expression, two cardinal pillars of democracy.

The court said the section has to be erased from the law books as it has gone much beyond the reasonable restrictions put by Constitution on freedom of speech.

The court, however, allowed the government to block websites if their contents had the potential to create communal disturbance, social disorder or affect India’s relationship with other countries.

The SC delivered its judgment on a bunch of petitions filed in the light of misuse of the penal provision by government authorities against persons who allegedly uploaded offensive posts on social networking sites.

The petitioners, including NGOs, civil rights groups and a law student, had argued that Section 66A violated citizens‘ fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression.



The government had opposed the plea for quashing the provision saying it is meant to deter people from uploading grossly offensive material which can lead to lawlessness by inciting public anger and violence.

Justifying the retention of the provision, the Centre had told the apex court that the impact of internet is much wider and restriction on this medium should be higher in comparison to print and TV.

It had said unlike print and electronic media, internet did not operate in an institutional form and there was need for some mechanism to put checks and balances.


The government had said the provision could not be quashed just because of its potential misuse. Posting pictures and comments on social networking sites which hurt religious sentiments could not be tolerated and people must be prosecuted, it said.


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Why engineers loved working for Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs wasn’t the easiest CEO to work for, but those who did work with him were willing to put up with his high standards and intense demands.

Even though Jobs would call his engineers on holidays and weekends, they felt the experience of working with him was worth it.

Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli’s book, “Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader,” portrays this side of Jobs.

Here’s how they described Jobs’ relationship with his engineers while working at NeXT:

Steve’s arbitrary decisions dumbfounded those under him at NeXT, and his micromanagement gave them no peace. He assumed they would work nights and weekends. He wouldn’t hesitate to call them at home on Sundays or holidays if he’d discovered some “urgent” problem. And yet hardware and software engineers still could not resist working for Steve Jobs.

Steve understood the sensibility of engineers. Engineers, at heart, are problem solvers. They thrive on digging their way out of sinkholes, especially the gnarly kind with no clear path forward. Steve challenged them in ways they had never imagined. No one else in the computer business had such radical goals and expectations; no one else seemed to care so much about their work. The idea of creating a computer that could transform the very process of education was cool; but to his incredibly talented programmers and gearheads, the idea of creating this particular computer for this particular boss was irresistible.

But it wasn’t just engineers that loved working for Jobs at NeXT – Ken Rosen, a managing partner at consulting agency Performance Works, worked in the emerging markets manager of Jobs’ company in the late 1980s’ and early 1990s’. He said Jobs was tough, but it was worth the experience. Rosen said he learned one of the most valuable management lessons of his career while working with Jobs.

He just really wanted to develop an organization where people knew what good products were,” Rosen said in a previous interview with Business Insider.

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World’s 10 largest cruise ships

If a cruise vacation is your dream you should take one in these mammoth luxury cruise ships. Check out the world’s largest cruise ships.

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‘Nature’s revenge’: Huge sinkholes burst open on banks of Dead Sea as water dries up

Environmentalists say mismanagement of water resources around the Dead Sea has produced more than 3,000 sinkholes.
The saline lake — bordered by Jordan, Israel and the West Bank — is evaporating at nearly four feet per year, which leaves behind the salt pockets responsible for the dangerous sinkholes, reported ABC News.

A sink hole filled with water is seen in this aerial view of the Dead Sea December 5, 2011.

A sink hole filled with water is seen in this aerial view of the Dead Sea December 5, 2011.

Gidon Bromberg, the Israeli director of EcoPeace Middle East, told the news site that the sinkholes are “nature’s revenge.”
The organization of Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli environmentalists is dedicated to preserving their shared environmental heritage.
EcoPeace says the construction of dams, storage reservoirs and pipelines has caused the unique salt lake to dry up at a distressing rate. Water simply is not flowing in as freely as it once did from the typical sources, the Jordan River and various tributaries.
“They could develop overnight or over time,” Bromberg said to ABC News, “making them unpredictable and very dangerous.”
The first sinkhole appeared in the 1980s, but new ones appear every single day. They grow in groups and collapse into one another to create massive craters, according to Bromberg.
In 2005, Smithsonian magazine said that roughly 1,000 sinkholes had been reported. The new 3,000-plus figure indicates that they have been appearing at an accelerated rate in recent years.

Sink holes filled with water are seen in this aerial view of the Dead Sea December 5, 2011.

Sink holes filled with water are seen in this aerial view of the Dead Sea December 5, 2011.

Bromberg fears that an overnight sinkhole might cause Route 90, which runs along the lake, to collapse.
“If nothing is done, it’s only a matter of time until someone dies,” he said.
Haaretz reports that Israel’s Transportation Ministry closed down a nearly 1,000-foot stretch of the highway in January after several meters on its eastern side sank roughly five centimeters.

Source: YAHOO

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World Cup 2015, India vs Bangladesh: India roar into semis after defeating Tigers

India, growing in confidence with every match, thrashed Bangladesh by 109 runs on Thursday in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

The defending world champions made light work of their clash at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, outclassing their Asian neighbours to stretch their unbeaten run at the tournament to seven games.

Rohit Sharma plays a shot against Bangladesh in Melbourne. (Source: AP) - See more at:

Rohit Sharma plays a shot against Bangladesh in Melbourne. (Source: AP) 

India will now play either Australia or Pakistan in the semi-finals in Sydney next week and on current form, they will be hard to beat.

Batting first, India compiled a daunting total of 302 for six, built on the back of a magnificent century from Rohit Sharma, who completed his first World Cup hundred with a slice of luck.

One of the most dangerous batsmen in the world, his return to form could not have come at a better time for an Indian team that struggled in the lead-up to the World Cup but is rapidly gaining momentum.

Rohit scored a brilliant 137 against Bangladesh in the quarter-final

Rohit scored a brilliant 137 against Bangladesh in the quarter-final

Rohit was caught in the deep when he was on 90 but was given a second life when the umpires ruled that Rubel Hossain’s delivery was above waist-height and therefore a no-ball, although television replays suggested otherwise.

Rohit went on to make 137 off 126 balls, highlighted by 14 boundaries and three sixes, while the left-handed Suresh Raina chipped in a with a quickfire 65 after India had waddled along to 115-3 and needed a lift.



Suresh Raina scored a 57-ball 65 which laid the platform for a big total. (Source: Reuters)

Suresh Raina scored a 57-ball 65 which laid the platform for a big total. (Source: Reuters)

Bangladesh, appearing in their first World Cup quarter-final, kept the Indian batsmen in check through the first 35 overs, stalling their run-rate with their spin bowlers.

But they dropped their heads after Rohit was given his reprieve and gave up 147 runs off the last 15 overs, leaving themselves a near impossible run-chase at one of cricket’s biggest and most intimidating cauldrons.

Bangladesh are one of the most improved sides in cricket. They beat England to make the quarter-finals but found India too hot.

Jadeja played a quick-fire innings at the end to take India to 302. (Source: Reuters)

Jadeja played a quick-fire innings at the end to take India to 302. (Source: Reuters)

Tamim Iqbal and Imrul Kayes came out all guns blazing, smacking 31 off the first six overs but when they fell in successive balls in the next over the run-chase was doomed.

Their frustrations were compounded by India’s excellent fielding, once one of their weakest points but now one of their strongest.

India have bowled out their opponents in all seven matches they have played at the World Cup, another ominous warning for their remaining challengers.

Shikhar Dhawan took a juggled catch on the fine leg boundary rope to send Mahmudullah, who had scored two consecutive hundreds in the Pool stage, on his way for 21.

Then the Indian captain and wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni took a diving catch to remove Soumya Sarkar for 29 to effectively end any hopes of a Bangladesh upset.

Source: Indian Express



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