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Microsoft Sparta web browser features leaked

NEW DELHI: Microsoft’s plan to replace its Internet Explorer browser was leaked late last month but there has been no word on it apart from a single blurry screenshot that does not reveal any features of the browser. Until now that is.

Images of the replacement for Internet Explorer, codenamed Spartan, have been leaked by technology website Neowin. The images show the new design language adopted by Microsoft as well as a few features of the upcoming browser.

The leaked images show the UI of Spartan, which shows the favicon, name of the website and a small ‘X’ to close the tab on top. The design of the tabs is characterized by sharp edges, a departure from the look of the tabs in the latest version of Internet Explorer.




(Image Courtesy:
The screenshots show that the browser will have a reading mode beside the bookmark button. This will strip all multimedia content like videos and images, leaving only the text; Apple’s Safari browser also has a similar feature.

Next to the Reading Mode button is a folder icon, a share button and an icon (marked by three dots) to enter the settings page.


(Image Courtesy:

Spartan is expected to be preloaded with Windows 10, along with a version of Cortana.

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8 Types of Profile Photos format Never Use on Your LinkedIn Profile

20141218003332-photo-selfieLinkedIn doesn’t play when it comes to professional profile pics and neither should you. If you upload a pic to your profile that isn’t actually of you or isn’t even a headshot, LinkedIn reserves the right to yank it. (Newsflash: There’s no way Hello Kitty’s your doppelganger, m’kay.) Seriously screw up your photo three times and — stee-rike! — you’re out. You’ll be banned from uploading your mug ever again. No joke.

In my opinion, LinkedIn doesn’t ax awful profile pics enough. Sloppy, cheesy, awkward snaps. Egregiously immature, unprofessional lemme-take-a-selfie-style pics that cut it no problem on Instagram, Tinder or Facebook. Here’s a friendly reminder, particularly for the 39 million students and recent college grads lurking on LinkedIn: It’s not for Man Crush Monday, not for swiping right and not for stalking your 8th grade crush.

The 313 million-plus member site is for professional networking, specifically with past and present colleagues, hiring managers, potential clients and investors, and other hopefully business-related contacts. That said, your headshot should be professional. In other words, safe. Appealing to a wide audience. Even a little vanilla.

So, if you want to put your best professional game face forward on LinkedIn — and you do, don’t you? — don’t be guilty of committing these common (and often comical) profile pic sins:

1. The selfie in the mirror pic.

Just please, save your smug, snapped-in-the-bathroom mirror head-to-toe selfies for Facebook. They make you look like an amateur on LinkedIn, even if you look like a boss in your hipster Hugo Boss slim fit suit, or so you think. Come on, by now you should know that selfies of any kind are way too casual for LinkedIn. #wrongplatform

2. The freaky filter overkill pic.

Chill with the funky filters already. Actually, don’t use them at all, not on LinkedIn. Potential employers and clients want to size you up straight up, just as you are, not all uber-emo. In Instagram speak: The “Earlybird” that skips the “Sutro” is more likely to get the worm, dig?

3. The ‘I’m so serious I hate life’ pic.

Never post a profile pic that makes you look incredibly intense, Dwight Schrute-serious or, worst of all, pissed off. There are enough mug shot-worthy frowner-downers littering LinkedIn already. Instead, post a happy (but not too I-just-won-the-lottery happy) headshot that shows off what Richard Branson calls your “competitive advantage,” your smile. Go on, let your pearly whites shine.

With a nice, relaxed smile on your face, you generally come off as more approachable and trustworthy, someone a potential employer (or investor or business partner) might be more willing to give a chance. As Psychology Today puts it, “there’s magic in your smile.” It’s scientifically proven. Use it to your advantage.

4. The beyond blurry pic.

No one should have to squint to make you out. Familiarize yourself with how to use Photoshop’s “Sharpening” tool. Or, if your headshot is too fuzzy or pixelated to fix, use a different, clearer pic. Focus, people. This is pretty basic stuff.

5. The full-body action pic.

I’m not going to name names (I’m not that mean), but a LinkedIn user I maybe, kind of, sort of might be connected with is half-squatting, half-lunging in her profile pic. In a baggy T-shirt and Spandex leggings. On a cracked cement driveway. Yep, like a cat-like Crossfit ninja warrior about to pounce…  just after this quick yoga pose, k? Granted she’s a black belt and a personal trainer (who, er, could easily choke me out tonight in karate class and just might if she reads this), but squatting? On LinkedIn? Really? Just no.

Let’s just stick with vanilla headshots, shall we? They’re more appropriate for the venue. Full body shots, awkwardly posed or not, pack too much weird factor, a vibe you probably don’t want to give off, at least not professionally. Not unless you’re an actual ninja.

6. The ‘Say hello to my kitty’ pic.

Here’s an easy rule to remember: Unless you’re a vet, please don’t pose with your pet. As much as you adore Count Fluffy McFlufferton, I’m sorry, he’s not LinkedIn profile material. You are. Just you. Save your furball’s whisker-licious glamour shots for Tag a Cat, the new Tinder for cats.

7. The ‘Oops, I cropped my shot’ pic.

Technically, you’re more than just a face. You’re a person. A whole person with brains in your head, feet in your shoes and you can post any LinkedIn profile pic you choose. That is, we hope, except for one that oddly crops off the top of your head or the bottom of your chin. Or your ears. You get the full picture. Show your face, your whole face and nothing but your face. Or so help you job, the one you could have gotten (or kept) because you looked the part on LinkedIn.

8. The default LinkedIn silhouette pic.

On top of looking a bit clueless — and like someone who lacks the confidence to back their good name with their face — you’ll miss out on a bunch of profile views if you choose not to upload a photo at all. If you do post a pic of yourself, LinkedIn says people are seven times more likely to click on your profile. So do yourself a solid and just say no to LinkedIn’s creepy two-tone, “male silhouette” default pic. Blech.

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Pakistan’s processes flawed, says daily after Lakhvi bail

news 24 in 7Islamabad: It will be difficult to tackle the militant menace when “our institutional processes are so flawed”, a Pakistani daily said on Friday, a day after Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, a key mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai attack, was granted bail.

The News International said in an editorial that India expressed its sorrow and observed silence to mark the tragedy in Peshawar where 132 children were killed in a Taliban attack on the Army Public School.

“But we may have spurned our chance to make further progress. The decision by an Anti-Terrorism Court to grant bail to Lashkar-e-Taiba commander Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, the prime suspect in the Mumbai attacks, might be pounced on by the Indians as evidence that the Peshawar attacks haven’t changed anything,” the daily said.

“His release, pending a government appeal, only shows how difficult it will be to tackle the militant menace when our institutional processes are so flawed,” it added.

The editorial said that the fight against terror “will take years and require a revolution in our thinking and the way we operate”.

“The zeal we have now should not descend into bloodlust and neither should we believe that military action alone will solve the problem within a matter of months,” it added.

The government is now considering setting up military courts to swiftly try and sentence militants but in combating the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan “we should not lose our sense of justice”.

The daily went on to say that “our political class is on the same page” on the battle against terror.

“It shouldn’t have taken the killings of more than 130 children to reach a consensus but in our mourning we have to show resolve – and that is what our political parties are now doing.”

The editorial noted that “political unity alone won’t get the job done”.

“We need the help of our neighbours.”



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Peshawar terrorist attack: 132 children killed in Peshawar school bloodbath

As many as 141 people, nearly all of them school children, were massacred on Tuesday when heavily armed Taliban suicide bombers stormed a Pakistan army-run school in Peshawar, firing indiscriminately, leaving another 130 injured.

Dressed in para-military Frontier Corps uniforms, the seven Arabic-speaking terrorists entered the Army Public School on Warsak Road around 10 am (local time) from the rear side and went from classroom to classroom shooting innocent children indiscriminately in one of the most gruesome terror attacks anywhere.

Chief Military Spokesman Maj Gen Asim Bajwa told a news conference tonight that 132 of the dead were children and another nine were staff members. A total of 130 people — 118 students, three staffers, seven SSG soldiers and two officers — were injured, he said.

He also said that 960 students and staffers were rescued.

A soldier escorts schoolchildren from the Army Public School that is under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

A soldier escorts schoolchildren from the Army Public School that is under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Bajwa said all the seven militants were killed in the operations involving Special Services Group or commandos.

Some of them reportedly blew themselves up.

“The operation is over. The school has been handed over to its administration. SSG troops are withdrawn” he added.

Bajwa said about 1,100 students and staffers were in the school at the time of the attack.

Earlier, reports had put the death toll at 160 but later it was scaled down.

During the over eight-hour standoff, the terrorists also took several hostages, including teachers and the principal of the school, and used them as human shield during the assault.

A man comforts his son, who was injured during an attack by Taliban gunmen on the Army Public School, at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. Photograph: Reuters

A man comforts his son, who was injured during an attack by Taliban gunmen on the Army Public School, at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar. Photograph: Reuters

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for the attack, the bloodiest in recent years since the 2008 suicide bombing in Karachi in which 150 people were killed.

The Taliban spokesman claimed that 6 suicide bombers were involved in the attack and that it was a revenge for the military’s operation against militants in the North Waziristan tribal area close to Peshawar.

“We want them to feel our pain,” the spokesman said.

Gen Bajwa said the militants came from the back side of the school and killed the students indiscriminately.

The attackers had plans for a long haul as they had a lot of ammunition and food to sustain them, he said. But they were cornered by SSG under a plan and killed.

Image: A student cries on a man's shoulder, after he was rescued from the Army Public School that in under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Image: A student cries on a man’s shoulder, after he was rescued from the Army Public School that in under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

World leaders united in condemning the attack as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif termed it a “national tragedy” and chaired a security meeting in Peshawar where he was briefed about the attack and the operation.

Sharif reiterated that military operation ‘Zarb-e-Azab’ to flush out terrorists from the country’s tribal belt will continue.

“It’s a sheer act of cowardice…the country should unite to combat terrorism,” he added.

A three-day nationwide mourning has been announced in Pakistan. Army Chief General Raheel Sharif also reached Peshawar to monitor the situation.

One rescued student told reporters that the attackers had long beards and they were wearing ‘shalwar kamiz’. He said they were speaking Arabic and looked like foreigners.

Bajwa said the militants made no demands and they apparently wanted to kill as many people as possible rather than take them as hostages.

He said all militants had suicide jackets and it was not possible to tell how many were killed due to SSG bullets or they exploded after being hit by bullets. He said the school had no precise threat from militants but since start of Operation Zarb-e-Azb, there was threat of an attack.

Image: Schoolchildren cross a road as they move away from a military run school that is under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Image: Schoolchildren cross a road as they move away from a military run school that is under attack by Taliban gunmen in Peshawar. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Bajwa said a lot of information has been gathered through their communication but he refused to share the details. He said that there are reports that some of them spoke Arabic but it was too early to determine their nationality.

“Today is the blackest day of our history,” he said.

The Taliban attack brought back chilling memories of the 2004 incident in Beslan in North Ossetia, Russia, when at least 32 Chechen rebels stormed a school and took more than 1,000 hostages, majority of them children. Over 330 people, mostly children, were killed in that assault.

About 500 students and teachers were believed to be inside the Peshawar school at the start of the attack. The attack ended after all the Taliban attackers were eliminated and a clean up operation was being undertaken.

Image: Ambulances drive away from the school that is under attack by Taliban gunmen.  Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Image: Ambulances drive away from the school that is under attack by Taliban gunmen. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Mushtaq Ghani, provincial information minister, said the militants entered through a graveyard adjacent to the school.

The school is close to Saint Mary High School which has also been under threat since the last couple of days.

A heavy contingent of police and security forces blocked roads leading to the school, taking control of the whole area.

The army had launched the massive military operation ‘Zarb-e-Azb’ in June following a brazen militant attack on Karachi’s international airport and the failure of peace talks between the government and the Taliban negotiators.

The military has said more than 1,300 militants have been killed during the operation in North Waziristan and adjacent tribal region and it will continue till militancy is completely wiped out of Pakistan.

Image: A Pakistani soldier takes up a position above a road near the school. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Image: A Pakistani soldier takes up a position above a road near the school. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Opposition Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf chief Imran Khan, whose party rules Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, termed the attack as an act of “barbarism”.

In the wake of the attack, Khan postponed his plan to shut down the entire country that was planned for December 18.

Shagufta, who lives near the school, told Geo TV that she heard two explosions, a smaller one followed by a huge bang.

A student who identified himself as Shuja told Samaa TV that they were taking examination when firing started.

They were told by the teacher to lie down on the floor. He said they remained on floor for about one hour when army soldiers came and told them to go out.

Image: Pakistani security forces drive on a road leading to the school. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Image: Pakistani security forces drive on a road leading to the school. Photograph: Khuram Parvez/Reuters

Several students escaped through the back gate. One student who escaped said that the fourth period was in progress when they heard firing.

“First we didn’t know what has happened. But later an army officer told us to escape through back gate,” he said.

Defence minister Khawaja Asif said in a statement, “We are deeply fragmented today as a nation. For the sake of the children martyred today and our children fighting the enemy for our existence, we must have one message for the enemy (that) we shall overcome Inshallah and rid our land of this scourge. Zarb-e-Azb to continue with full force and (our) Armed forces remain undeterred.”


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Professional jobs at risk from robotics and automation: Govt

The Australian Industry Report 2013-14 (PDF) has forecast that robots and automation could displace more than 500,000 jobs in high-skilled industries such as accounting and finance for the year ending 2014.

The report, published on Wednesday by the Department of Industry and Chief Economist Mark Cully, suggested that some of the skilled, predominantly white-collar jobs most at risk from robotics and automation include those in bookkeeping, auditing, and payroll operations.

“The challenges presented by more automation are not limited to low-skilled positions, as robots are increasingly replicating the tasks of medium- and high-skilled workers,” the report said. “The silver lining is that higher productivity will eventually deliver cheaper goods and higher disposable incomes, as it did during the industrial revolution.”

The report suggested that far from hampering the local jobs landscape for the long-term future, the increase in robotics and automation would result in new skilled job areas and opportunities, and other industry advantages.

“The comparative advantages of being human — the ability to solve problems intuitively, improvise spontaneously, and act creatively — as well as the unlimited needs and wants of humans suggest that the displacement of jobs due to automation is unlikely to be long term,” it said. “Automation will allow for new technologies to develop, and allow workers to utilise those comparative advantages in ways that are currently unimaginable.”

The report said that job losses over the last decade in manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and fishing, information, media, and telecommunications — all industries that have been heavily affected by automation in previous years — have been offset by more than 1 million job gains in higher-paying industries.

In the report’s foreword, Scully talked up Australia’s ability to adapt to such disruptive forces in the local industry, saying, “Australia will continue to be exposed to economic and demographic forces, and we must therefore continue to adapt. It’s the one certainty we have in a world of change.”

However, Scully’s optimism stands in contrast to the report’s assertion that more and more high-skilled and graduate jobs in Australia are being supplanted by robots, automation, and other innovative technology.

“The challenges presented by increasing automation are not limited to low-skilled positions,” the report said. “One of the at-risk jobs identified in the study are pharmacists: 78.6 percent of pharmacists in Australia have a bachelor’s degree, and 15.4 percent have post-graduate qualifications, making it one of the most highly educated occupations in the nation. A tertiary education therefore does not guarantee safeguard against automation.”

News 24 in 7

Jobs most at risk of being automated, 1993-94, and 2013-2014 (Image: Department of Industry)

A key ongoing factor driving trends in the demand for particular occupations is automation, according to the report, which has driven falling demand for some occupations and increasing demand for others.

Today, there are entire factories assembling intricate and specialised devices without human intervention. Foxconn, China’s largest private employer, began replacing 1 million workers with robots in 2013.

“At first, it was considered that low-skilled employment would be more affected by the introduction of machinery. But recent research suggests being low skilled does not necessarily mean that your job will be replaced by robotics,” it said.

Despite immediate job losses in certain industries due to new technology, the report indicated that automation and robotics would lead to higher productivity, and would eventually deliver cheaper goods and higher disposable incomes for Australians.

“There is potential to benefit from these productivity gains, even if the temporary adjustments may be painful,” it said. “Technological change has driven structural change across the economy in a number of ways.

“Improvements to robotics, for example, have increased the range of occupations which can be automated, while improved communications and data transfer technologies have facilitated transactions over great distances.”


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20 Signs You’re Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

We all feel like failures from time to time. While this is a normal feeling, you have to find a way to see yourself and your life from a different perspective. Sometimes we ignore the “little things.” Just because you are not a millionaire, don’t live in a mansion, and you don’t drive a fancy car, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure. In fact, it’s quite the contrary.

News 24 in 7 images

Here are 20 signs that you are succeeding in life:
1. Your relationships are less dramatic than they used to be.

Drama is not maturity. As we age, we should develop maturity. So maybe your relationships were drama-filled in your past, but if you have moved beyond that, then you are successful.
2. You are not afraid to ask for help and support any more.

Asking for help does not equal weakness. In fact, it is a strength. No person has ever succeeded in isolation. It takes teamwork to accomplish goals. Asking or help is a sign that you have grown as a person.
3. You have raised your standards.

You don’t tolerate bad behavior any more – from other people, or even yourself. You hold people accountable for their actions. You don’t spend time with the “energy vampires” in your life anymore.
4. You let go of things that don’t make you feel good.

No, this is not narcissistic even though it might seem like it. Self-love is success. Love yourself enough to say ‘no’ to anything that doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t serve your purpose, or drags you down.
5. You have moments where you appreciate who you see in the mirror.

Ideally, you should appreciate who you see in the mirror at every moment. But even if that doesn’t happen, if you do it more than you used to, then that is success. Love yourself. You are awesome.
6. You have learned that setbacks and failure are part of self-growth.

Not everyone can have success 100% of the time. That’s just not realistic. Life is about victories and losses. So look at your setbacks as stepping stones to something better. In reality, there really is no such thing as as setback. It’s all just part of a wondrous journey.

7. You have a support system that includes people who would do anything for you.

If you have figured out the people who “have your back” and recognized the ones who only pretend that they do, then you have succeeded. This is a painful realization, but once you learn to see the signs of betrayal, you can stay away from those people.
8. You don’t complain much.

Because you know there really is nothing to complain about. Unless you really have gone through some horrific life experience and had unimaginable losses, most of what we all experience on a day-to-day basis is just mundane. And successful people know that. And they live in a space of gratitude.
9. You can celebrate others’ successes.

Just because other people succeed, that doesn’t make you a failure. Applaud the people who rise to the top. The more positive energy you give to other people’s victories, the more you will create your own.
10. You have passions that you pursue.

You are not stagnant. You know you have something wonderful to contribute to the world. You have unique talents and gifts. Not only do you know that, you pursue it.
11. You have things to look forward to.

If you don’t have exciting things going on in your life that you are eagerly anticipating, then you are slowly dying inside. Successful people create goals that they are passionate about pursuing. They let this excitement drive their life.
12. You have goals that have come true.

Even though “failures” are a part of life, you have stuck to your goals and dreams long enough to make them come to fruition. You have  some tastes of victory. It fuels you.
13. You have empathy for others.

A person without empathy is dead inside. Empathy equals spreading love and positive energy into the world. Successful people know this. They love others as if they are family.
14. You love deeply and open yourself up to be loved by others.

Love is risky, and sometimes scary for people. It’s the one thing we all strive for, but it’s also intimately tied to the one thing we fear the most – rejection. If you open your heart enough to love and be loved, then you are successful.
15. You refuse to be be a victim.

You know that life doesn’t always happen to you. Many times, you are a co-creator of your life experiences. Successful people know this and refuse to be kept down by life experiences. The rise up and conquer anyway.
16. You don’t care what other people think.

You know you can’t please everyone. You know that the standards with which society judges people is many times unrealistic. So you just keep true to yourself and love the person you are.
17. You always look on the bright side.

Life can be full of disappointments – if you choose to see them that way. Otherwise, they are learning opportunities. No negative experience is ever wasted as long as you learn from it.
18. You accept what you can’t change.

Let’s face it – there many things you can’t change in life. All you can change is how you view what happens. If you can change your negative perspective on situations to a positive one, then you are successful.
19. You change what you can.

And let’s face it again – there are many things you can change in life. Successful people don’t sit around accepting the negatives that are changeable. They get out there and do something about it!!
20. You are happy.

To me, this is the ultimate definition of success. It doesn’t matter what the balance is in your bank account, how big your house is,  or how many fancy vacations you take. If you are happy, then you are succeeding in life.

Even if you don’t see yourself in many of these 20 things, don’t fret. It’s okay. Be happy that you see yourself in just a few. In time, the rest will come. You just need to keep moving onward and upward.

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Online jobs can be the best options for Part time jobs – eJobsjunction


Benefits of Online jobs- Ejobsjunction

Originally posted on World Daily News 24*7:

For those who are looking for some better way to earn few more bucks, online jobs is the best option available. People generally look for a permanent job with good salary that will help them to make a proper living. For adding some more money it is always better to go and look for some Part time jobs. With great advancement in technical field, people can now easily join any of the reputed online companies and work for them and get a handsome amount at the end of the month. Though you need to be careful in this regard, but with proper research one can end up with some positive result.
Work from home seems to be the best option for those who cannot leave their house for various family issues. This is the best option for the housewives who need to look after their family well. It is also…

View original 178 more words

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Increasing demand of part time jobs – eJobsJunction


EJobsJunction provides work from Home.

Originally posted on World All Around:


Hearing about the part time jobs, a question arises “Why we need it?” It is only because to earn extra money out of the spare time that we as a student spend doing nothing. The best parts about these days jobs are one can use their free time in making money online working from home rather than searching for jobs to work in pizzas shops for delivering food items, bookstores and gift shops. It is better to use your research and academic skills as well as the valuable experience to earn money.
Nowadays these jobs see an increased demand among the students. Some of them need these jobs to financially support their family and some need to add extra cash to their pocket money just for enjoyment purposes. The trendy generation uses this money to buy books, gifts for their special ones, watching movies and shopping e.t.c. With the use…

View original 374 more words

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Amity Gurgaon Half Marathon

Amity Gurgaon Half Marathon Logo On September 28, 2014 Broncos Support Services (BSS) will be hosting the 2nd Gurgaon Half Marathon. The Half marathon will start at Leisure Valley Park, in Sec 29 Gurgaon at 6 am. The 2nd Gurgaon Half Marathon is expected to attract more than 1000 conditioned athletes, runners and walkers as well as 10,000 participants from around the City. Comparable events in neighbouring Airtel Delhi Half Marathon had over 32000 participants. We expect many athletes will participate as this is a unique and appealing annual event. As of last year we had 4500 to 5000 participants. Additional running and walking events are provided for the whole family including a Half Marathon, kid’s incremental marathon 5k race and Fun Run of 7K. Considering the Corporate presence in Gurgaon, this event will encourage better life style and social responsibilities by engaging with different NGO’s associated with Gurgaon Half Marathon 2014. A marathon is a lifetime achievement and we are excited to bring this Half Marathon to Gurgaon and anticipate an increasing number of athletes and participants will look forward to returning annually.

Who we are…!!

BSS (Broncos Support Services) provides services following Domains.

In IT infrastructure Support
Medical Tourism
Running Events


There Mission is to create a world class Marathon which will bring Identity to Growing City Gurgaon and will also encourage social awareness.

To give a platform to NGO’s working in different domains to raise awareness and funds for charity.

How to register?
Please login to and select the Category 21KM, 7KM or 5KM and register, once you receive a confirmation email kindly keep it safe as you will need it when you come to pick your Kit.
Minimum and max age
6 years is the minimum age and Maximum age for 5 KM is 14 years. For 7KM and 21KM minimum age is 14 years no maximum age limit.

Race details :-
•    21KM :- 7:00 AM Above 14 years
•    7KM :- 7:30 AM 14 years and above
•    5KM :- 7:45 AM 6 yrs to 14 yrs

Featured services:

Amity University 7 KM Freedom Run

7 KM is a free run which is open run for all those who wish to show their support for the cause. Participants can register for the Run, its open for everyone. The 7 Km run will start at 7:30 AM on 28th Sep 2014.

Amity University 5 KM Children’s

5 KM is a free run for the children’s below 14 years of age on the given date 28th Sep 2014. Children’s do not have to be from any specific school or institution all the children’s are invited. Time for the run is 7:45 AM

Amity Gurgaon Half Marathon 2014

21 KM Amity Half Marathon is the elite run for the passionate Runner who wishes to challenge or follow his passion for running. The Half Marathon will start at 7:00 AM on 28th Sep 2014.

Prize Money :
1. Prizes
21 kms
•    1st – 1 lac
•    2nd – 75k
•    3rd – 50k

Veteran –
•    75k

•    1st – 25k
•    2nd – 15k
•    3rd – 10k


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Blue Valley North Town Premium Villas And Plots In 33 Acres Residential Township

Smart living: Introduced

North Town is living year exclusive solution, All which is easy on the pocket while not Compromising on quality of Any Kind. Promising private and personal spaces That Will accentuate luxurious living, we welcome you to a world of comfort and happiness. Did you North Town can experience the best of amenities and features in a local That Is quiet and serene, just the perfect start to a Whole New Life.

The Location: Opportune

What Can Be more exciting than living in the thick of things yet removed from it all? At North Town Will You get to experience the beauty of feeling secure in a gated community while HAVING access to all the finer things in life. Situated right near the International Airport, North Town is coming up in the newly emery hub of Bangalore. An oasis in the middle of the booming around That Will the bring-everything closer to home. Rest assured That Life Would never Be The Same again for you and your family.

Amenities & Facilities

Additional advantages: Delivered

North Town envisaged That You make the MOST out of life and for the Abebooks web Provide you with all the conveniences That Will Ensure smooth sailing as you coast through a fulsome life.


  • Club House
  • Swimming Pool
  • Well-Equipped Gym
  • Basketball Court
  • Table Tennis / Billiards
  • Reading Room
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Kids Gaming Zone
  • Large Landscaped Areas
  • Specifications:
  • All Round Compound Wall
  • Tar Road
  • Underground cabling
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Overhead Tank and Sumps
  • Tree Lined Avenues
  • Rain Water Harvesting

Source: Bluevalley Properties

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